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June 2016

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

June 24, 2016
how to find the perfect wedding venue

We can all agree that a wedding is one of the most sought-after and most important events in the lives of almost all men and women. But, in order to have a memorable and enjoyable wedding, couples (with the help of their families and friends) must make a good plan for this special day.

The selection of your wedding venue can have a strong impact on your wedding. Obviously, if you are able to find the perfect venue, you will have one less thing to worry about. The good news is that there are many wedding venue options in every city, but in order to find the best one for you, you’ll need to read the following:

Venue Size

For starters, you should take the size of the venue into account. Even if you like some venue, this won’t mean anything if the capacity is small. So, make sure that you know how many people will attend your wedding and write down a list of possible choices. Of course, before you do this, create a guest list together with your partner and leave a room for 10-15 additional guests in case some of the invitees bring their partners.


Next, in order to find the perfect venue you will need to select a location for this special event. This step depends on the personal preferences of the couple. For instance, some couples like to choose a venue that is close to the place where they grew up. On the other hand, some of them want to use a venue that is closer to the area where they are currently living. In case the families of the partners live in different states, they can choose an area that is between these locations – some beautiful place with adequate capacity.

Catering, Entertainment and More

The facilities are important too. Some couples need simple buildings while others choose specialized facilities where they can get catering, servers, live entertainment and other services. Keep in mind that not all venues offer these things, so make sure to ask the management. While we are talking about facilities, it is also a good idea to check the venue’s parking. Weddings usually have dozens of guests and most of them come with cars. The parking should have great capacity and it should not be far away from the place where the wedding will be held.


Finally, take the cost into account. Don’t choose a wedding venue that you can’t afford. If you are looking at venues that are not in your price range you are just wasting your time. Don’t wish something that you can’t have and remember that you and your guests will create the atmosphere, not just the venue itself.


Modern couples usually use the internet to check their wedding venue options. However, once you make a short list, it is better to visit the venue in person and see how it actually looks like. In this way, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

We hope that this advice will help you select the perfect wedding venue.


DIY Photo Booth vs. A Rented Photo Booth

June 24, 2016
wedding photo booth advice

It seems like every day there is a new way to make your wedding more memorable. One of the most popular ways at the moment is to use a photo booth at your wedding, but there’s still some debate on the best way to do so.

Photo booths are becoming quite trendy because besides the fact that they provide an original experience and fun for the guests, they also make wedding photography more interesting and a little bit different. Couples that are interested in using a photo booth on their wedding often face the same dilemma – should they rent a photo booth or should they buy a camera and make a DIY photo booth. Every option has its own advantages and disadvantages which will be analyzed below:

Renting a photo booth

Renting a photo booth usually means that you will get a better end product. The cameras used in the photo booths are often modern and very powerful. In other words, they create photos with better quality because the cameras are professional.

The production is automated and fast and this is another important reason why so many people choose photo booth rentals.

If you rent a photo booth, you might be able to save some money too. This might sound illogical to some, but when you take into account the time spent setting up your own DIY wedding photo booth you’ll realize that it can be a significant investment. Time can be quite expensive when you are preparing a wedding ceremony.

Another benefit is that renting a photo booth means that there is an outside professional that will take care of this machine in case something goes wrong.

When it comes to disadvantages we will mention two serious disadvantages.

First of all, these photo booths can sometimes be quite expensive making them financially unreasonable.

In addition, availability can be limited and it can be tough to snap one up before it’s too late!

Buying a camera and creating a DIY photo booth

Creating a DIY photo booth can provide a feeling of satisfaction and pride. You will learn something new and you will do this together with the people you love. Needless to say, this process can be quite fun too.

Another great advantage of using DIY photo booths is the fact that you will create a photo booth according to your needs, requirements, and desires. You can select different backgrounds and decorations and shoot any kind of photo you want. If you buy a camera you will be able to use it after the wedding too.

You can also give the photo booth to other people.

Of course, this option comes with some disadvantages like the cost of buying a new camera (don’t forget that you can borrow a camera), and, in some cases, this option can be quite difficult especially if you start doing this without a good plan.

No matter which option you choose, having a photo booth at your wedding is a fun and unique idea sure to be remembered for years to come. Have you used a photo booth at your wedding? Let us know about your experience below!


Wedding Photographer vs. Crowdsourced Wedding Photos

June 21, 2016
Pro Wedding Photographer vs. Crowd sourced Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is one of the fastest growing businesses today. Even though wedding photography is used for many years, the fast advance of technology has allowed this industry to evolve.

Today, people can choose from many different photography styles and make their special moments even more interesting, exciting and memorable. In addition, taking wedding photos is an activity that can be conducted in a few different ways. This is why many couples are wondering which option is better. Hiring a professional wedding photographer and using Instagram to crowdsource wedding photos are two options that are getting very popular today.

Let’s see which method is right for you:

Hiring a professional photographer

Hiring a professional photographer on your wedding day will provide access to high-quality camera equipment. These professionals usually work with their own crew that can help them make the best photos. They have experience in taking photos in different styles. You can choose the one that you find to be the most attractive or ask them to use different styles at different stages of the wedding.

Pro wedding photographers are skilled, talented, experienced and knowledgeable and if you choose the right wedding photographer you can rest assured that this activity is left in safe hands. With their help, you will also save some time.

True professionals often provide some additional services like creating wedding albums and editing of photos. They have taken photos in different venues and they are able to capture the best moments of your wedding. In addition, they’ll take hundreds of photos and it is up to you to choose the best ones.

Obviously, all these advantages don’t come without disadvantages. Namely, hiring a professional wedding photographer can be very expensive. In addition, you will need to book them a few weeks before the wedding.

Crowdsourcing your wedding photos on Instagram

Fast technological advancement has changed the way we are thinking, so it’s not unusual for modern couples to avoid hiring a professional photographer and ask their friends to use their smartphones and tablets to take photos and post them on Instagram.

As you probably know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks specialized in taking and editing photos. The biggest advantage of using Instagram for taking wedding photos is the fact that this procedure is fun. Every guest will be engaged in this activity and you can ask your guests to use the same hashtag whenever they post a photo.

Another advantage is the fact that you will gain instant access to all the photos taken from different angles and edited with some interesting filters and editing tools. Obviously, another great advantage is the fact that you won’t pay anything for this activity.

On the other hand, using Instagram doesn’t guarantee high-quality photos from your wedding. It will also mean that many of your guests will spend a lot of time on their mobile devices.

Don’t forget that you can use both options if you want and get the most from your wedding photography. Let us know about your wedding photo experiences below!

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7 Ways to Slash Your Wedding Budget

June 17, 2016

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. Unfortunately, there are many people who are postponing this joyful day because they believe that the wedding is very expensive and that they cannot make it memorable on a budget. But, it turns out that these people are wrong. There are many ways to slash your wedding budget and still have a spectacular wedding. The following is a list of some simple, yet effective ways to cut the expenses.

1. Shorten the wedding guest list

There is no doubt that you want to share this special moment with everyone you know. When you are getting married you want the world to know about this. But, keep in mind that every guest you add on the guest list means extra cost. So, invite the people you know and care about – your closest relatives and your friends and colleagues.

2. Use the help of your friends and relatives

Sometimes it is a good idea to ask for their help instead of asking for a wedding gift. For example, instead of hiring a professional wedding photographer, ask your cousin who is a talented photographer to take photos. You can do the same with the musicians. Of course, in order to use this opportunity to save money you have to know people who are truly talented and skilled in these fields.

3. Opt for home wedding ceremony or outdoor wedding ceremony

The venue you are renting will probably be one of the most expensive items in your wedding budget. So, if you are able to hold the wedding in your home that would bring you significant savings. People who have large and beautiful gardens should definitely take this option into consideration. In addition, you can also hold the ceremony in the local public park if it looks beautiful and has sufficient space. The only thing that you should think about when choosing this option is to rent or buy tents because rain can ruin your wedding.

4. Don’t spend too much money on flowers

Wedding flowers are beautiful and there is no doubt that they can beautify any space. But, the fact is that using expensive flowers and too many flowers can cost you a lot and while they are beautiful flowers don’t last long. You can still use flowers, but reduce their number. If you find the right way to do this, your wedding may become more elegant. Some people suggest the use of fake flowers too and if you believe that you can find attractive fake flowers then this might be the most convenient solution.

5. DIY invitations

All it takes is a good printer and creativity and you can create the best wedding invitations ever. Use your printer at home to print the invitations and use the Internet to find inspiration. Keep in mind that you can use different types of paper.

6. DIY or used decorations

Every wedding needs decorations, but the truth is that you don’t have to spend tons of money on these decorations. There are many DIY guides on the Internet and you can also buy used decorations and centerpieces too. It is not difficult to find used decorations offered by recent brides on classified ad websites.

7. Purchase tuxedos and dresses on sale or rent them

Custom bridesmaid dresses are beautiful, but expensive. So, in order to save some money, buy a bridesmaid dress from a store preferably a store with dresses on sale. It is not difficult to find such stores especially on the Internet. However, if you use the Internet for this purpose you must be very careful because you won’t get a chance to try the dress before buying it. The best idea in cases like this is to make the order weeks before the wedding day. The groom can rent a tuxedo.

These are only some of the things that you can do to slash  your wedding budget!


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Social Media Tools for Event Planners

June 17, 2016

Planning events is much simpler when event planners rely on some of the many free tools available today. These tools can be used in different phases of event planning. Because there are so many different tools available for event planets, we have decided to create a short list of the some of the best social media tools for event planners.

Tools for Invitations is a great tool which as the name suggests is based on one of the most popular social media networks – Twitter. You can create an event in a matter of seconds and you can easily send invitations and check the responses of the invitees via Twitter.

On the other hand, is a tool for determining the right meeting times for different categories and groups of individuals. In case these individuals have different preferences about the timing, Doodle can help them find the ideal time.

Tools for organizational activities

If you are looking for good tools for organizational activities then you can’t go wrong with wikis. A wiki serves as the ultimate organizational platform for any type of event. One of the best things about them is that they support people’s engagement.

In addition, event planners can use Google Maps if they event takes place on several venues or for events where attendees come from different places. It is very easy to determine the location of every venue with Google Maps.

For multiple presentations, Slideshare is a must. You will get a chance to keep and collect all the presentations in one location.

Online marketing tools

As the largest social media network out there, it is quite logical for Facebook to have an online marketing tool. Facebook Events allows users to invite their friends with one single click.

Those who want livestreaming of their event can count on Ustream. Many people use this platform to make interviews and other activities that can help them promote their event.

In addition, is here to help event planners market any event with their avatars.

Networking, Communities

We will suggest Meetup for this purpose because this social media tool aids planners to create offline meet-up groups. For a certain fee you will get access to a vibrant community and efficient invite tools.

Don’t forget the Twitter Lists because you can make the lists public and aid invitees to connect not only during the event but prior and after the main event.

Tracking of conversation is used for live searching of keywords related to events. You can easily organize these keywords for better analysis. Some event planners say that is a good tool too. It comes with attractive animations and the set up process is quite simple and quick.

Event Planning with full range of features

For full-featured event planning event planners can rely on which is the largest global event management service. It is available in many languages and strong community. Users can use elements dedicated to commenting, photos, videos, polls etc.

Finally, we should mention which according to some statistics is the most used event planning tool of this kind. It has user-friendly interface and offers all the resources needed for event management. In other words, with its help you will finish the majority of the tasks in one click.



Wedding Themes and Colors

Unique Wedding Themes

June 17, 2016

Preparing yourself for the big day has always been extremely important. However, people in the past were usually focused on making plans and preparation for a very traditional and formal wedding ceremony and celebration. This situation is now changed and the vast majority of couples are trying to express their creativity and show their characters during this special day. Choosing unique wedding themes is one of the main activities of couples planning a wedding. The uniqueness of the wedding theme is used as a way for the newlyweds to show their creative and positive side to the people they love and to make this day even more memorable.

Tuscan wedding theme

Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in Italy, known for the interesting traditions, exceptional architecture and of course – for its romantic places. Obviously, this kind of theme is most suitable for someone that has Italian ancestors, but the truth is that the Italian culture is accepted as universal culture, so literally anyone can use it. This special theme includes stylish and classic wedding decorations. Besides decoration, you should not forget the Italian food. There are some great Italian dishes that can be served on your wedding. It is also a good idea to choose an Italian restaurant, a garden or even a vineyard as your wedding venue in order to make the atmosphere more authentic. When it comes to drinks, serving Italian wine is a must. Finally, there are some very interesting and cheerful Italian songs which you can use on the wedding too.

Country wedding theme

This theme allows the couple to make many different experiments and it would probably interesting to young urban couples. An old-fashioned and adjusted barnyard is an excellent venue for this theme, but you can also choose a log cabin, attractive vineyard with rustic atmosphere and those who are bold enough can have an outdoor wedding in the cornfield. When people use this unique wedding theme they usually use what nature gave us to the most. The decoration should consist of fruits and veggies. Use local foods on the menu.

Fairytale wedding theme

If the couple likes fairytales and they have a favorite fairytale then this story may serve as a basis for their wedding theme. You can find many interesting stories that will inspire you and help you make a perfect, unforgettable wedding. For instance, you can choose to be Cinderella. What is even better, many of these stories have description about the fictional wedding ceremonies, so you can try to recreate them. Snow White and The prince, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast – these are some of the famous fairytale couples.

Carnival wedding theme

Finally, use your wedding to create a festive atmosphere. The main point is to use decorations in many different colors, include some carnival games and foods and desserts used on carnivals.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the unique wedding themes you can use and that there are literally hundreds of options you should take into consideration.


Live Streaming Your Wedding

June 17, 2016
live streaming your wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important and most memorable days in our lives. This is the day that people who have spent significant time together and people who love each other use to publicly show their love and determination to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife. While it is true that almost every wedding is memorable and people gladly talk about the wedding they have attended for years, it is also true that these memories eventually fade. This is the reason why so many people use professional photographers to take photos of the best moments on their wedding. Many couples also want to have a video of their wedding too. With the advance of technology, modern couples have one more option to make their wedding more interesting, document it and share it with the world – live streaming.

Live Streaming Weddings is the Next Big Thing

You have probably heard and maybe even used live streaming services, but many of you are wondering why someone would want to live stream their wedding. The fact is that there are many different situations in which you can take advantage of modern technology and live video streaming.

Intimate Weddings with a Large Audience

For example, there are many couples (or one of the newlyweds) that want to have an intimate and small wedding ceremony where only the closest family will witness that special moment. At the same time, their friends and distant relatives would like to see how the ceremony went. Instead of providing videos after the wedding, you can use live streaming and make them feel that they are part of this special moment. The best part is that everyone will get together for the wedding reception and they won’t feel like they have missed anything. This live streaming can be performed in a specially created area or they can watch it at home before they arrive on the wedding reception.

Guests Who Can’t Make it Are Still a Part of the Wedding

Furthermore, there are situations where some of the invitees are unable to attend the wedding from different objective reasons. For instance, some of them are too old to attend a wedding; others might be sick or have some urgent activities. This is where live streaming comes into play. They can watch the wedding ceremony and reception regardless of your location.

The Perfect Option for Destination Weddings

In addition, destination weddings are quite popular these days and we all know why – they are fun, exciting and unique. The only downside is that you won’t be able to share these great moments with all the people you want. Once again, use modern technology and get live streaming for your wedding. In this way, all your friends and relatives will witness the exotic wedding you had.

A Cheap Way to Include More Guests When Your Venue is Small/Budget Limited

Finally, there are cases when the venue is inadequate for the number of guests you have invited. Instead of trying to explain the situation, you can make a short list of your closest relatives and friends who can attend the wedding ceremony and provide live streaming for the ones that will have to wait for the wedding reception.

Don’t forget that these are only some of the advantages of live streaming your wedding.

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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

June 17, 2016
wedding photo booth ideas

In the last few years, people are trying to bring new elements in the wedding day in order to make this day more unique and memorable. One of these trendy things is the use of photo booth.

Photo booths are entertaining and they will activate your guests. In addition, they will get memorable photos and add them to the newlywed’s album. Photo booths are able to capture the spontaneous moments on the wedding which is a great addition to the formal posing. What is great about photo booths is that you can make one yourself or hire one. In this article, we will present a few DIY wedding photo booths ideas.

Hay Bales

This solution is ideal for outdoor weddings especially for those who don’t have classic weddings. All you need to do is to cover the background with a dozen of hay bales and hang a few empty frames on them. You can also hold one frame in front of your faces when you are getting photographed. The floor can be covered with an old rug, set of planks or simply stand in the grass.


Balloons are items that remind us of celebrations and festivals, so using them for DIY photo booth is always a good idea. Find a white background (or create one) and hang some balloons on it. You can use regular balloons, but in this case you will have to glue them or you can use balloons filled with helium. It is a nice idea to form some symbol with them like heart – the universal symbol of love!

Lace Sheets

Create a few thin frames from aluminum poles or plastic poles and cover them with lace sheets. Remember to use lace sheets in different sizes and in different styles. You can replace the poles with fishing lines too. If you are using lace sheet sin different colors make sure that they are matching.

Paper Flowers

What is good about paper flowers is that you can create any type of flower you want and of course you can choose their size. There are few successful DIY wedding photo booths that include gigantic paper flowers. Just place these impressive flowers in front of a white wall and the photo shoot can start!

Unique Plates

Now here’s another simple, yet effective DIY photo booth idea. In order to get the most from this photo booth, you will need to find as many unique plates as you can. The best thing that you can do is to opt for stylish, retro or vintage plates. Just hang them on a wall and you are good to go. Since the plates are usually predominantly white, try to hang them on a wall with dark colors.

Fresh Flowers

Besides paper flowers, you can use real, fresh flowers too. Create strings of flowers and hang them in rows on your wall. You can stand in front of them and take photos or place a beautiful sofa and sit on it.


How to List Your Venue Online

June 17, 2016
how to list your venue online

A huge number of restaurants and hotels are now joining the profitable business of hosting birthday parties, weddings, conferences, seminars, baby showers and other events. In addition, there are some specialized event venues too. Of course, the decision to become involved in such activities should not be taken without good planning.

This is especially true when it comes to being found online. Without properly listing your venue online, you should not expect significant success for your venue. In the past, venues were usually found with the help of newspaper and magazine ads, billboards and TV and radio commercials. Today, thanks to the fast technological advancement that the world has seen in the past two decades, you can list your venue online and allow potential event hosts to find your venue with the help of their computer or mobile device.

The Internet has become the ultimate tool for consumer research. By listing your venue on certain online database you will be able to boost web traffic and let more potential clients find your venue. If you use a combination of an online listing and a simple marketing campaign you will be able to increase your revenue. So, how exactly can you list your venue online?

The Basics:

Listing your venue online requires two things – a computer and Internet access. You don’t need any special knowledge or experience. The process is simple and even a beginner Internet user can finish it in a matter of minutes.

According to many experts, signing up for a local business listing service like Yelp and Google Places is a must. These two popular free listing services will increase your venue’s exposure because as you are probably aware millions of people use Yelp and Google on a daily basis looking for different things including venues. In order to list your business on these free services you will need to make a unique username and password. In this way you will get an account for your business. After that, you should log in to the account and provide basic information about your business as requested. Don’t forget to fill the forms that require your venue’s phone number, business name, working hours, address and website in case you have one. Once you are done, just click the Submit button and that’s it.

Taking it to the Next Level:

Even though these two services are useful, and have a significant user base, they weren’t designed for venues specifically, and because of that, your venue can get lost in the crowd fairly easily. This is why it’s crucial to also list your venue on is the perfect website for listing your venue. This is actually an online tool that serves as an efficient search engine for users who want to discover the ideal venue that suits their needs and requirements. They have excellent search system that will help you present your venue to the right audience. So, in addition to Google Places and Yelp, you should be on VenueCenter because in then you will get better exposure and access to users who are genuinely interested in your venue.

We hope that this short guide will help you improve your business, and if you’ve got any questions share them in the comment section below!

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5 Event Branding Ideas for Planning Better Corporate Events

June 17, 2016

Event branding is a popular term used by many marketers today. Even though there is no precise definition about that this type of branding is, most experts agree that event branding represents a personalized and customized graphic design for any type of event.

For many business owners, event branding is all about using their logo or brand message on different signs and items present at the event venue.

However, many people who have experience in this field know that event branding is much more than that, and it’s critical that event planners who are planning conferences, conventions and other corporate events utilize event branding.

That’s why we have decided to present a short list of event branding ideas that will help you incorporate event branding into the next event you plan.

Drinks and food

Food and drinks are served on almost every event. In some cases, the attendees get full meals while in other they can use beverages and snacks. Regardless what kind of option you have selected for your event, you can use drinks and food for event branding.

If the business has a particular color scheme, you can serve food and drinks in this color. Obviously, using some colors is easier in situations like this. But, even if you can’t use the element of color, focus on the shape of a business’s products or some other defining characteristic

Inspirational speaker

Event branding is much easier if you have a good orator on your side.

People visiting any type of event would love to listen to someone who has ability to express ideas and thoughts in a great way. You can use a qualified speaker or simply a speaker with good acting skills. The main point is to leave good impression to the guests and make them remember your client’s brand and your event.


You may need approval from the company you’re working with to do this, but the benefits are many.

It is a smart move to offer gifts to the attendees so they can remember your event and business. Many businesses and organizations give promotional products, gift bags and similar small giveaways to make their event more memorable or to create a buzz.

As an event planner, you will want to choose gifts that go along with the message or theme for the event.


There are some types of events, like conventions for example, that can take advantage of things like branded hats and t-shirts.

This type of promotion is not expensive and will remind your attendees of both the company throwing the event and the event itself. Keep in mind that if attendees use these mementos outside, they will provide even greater exposure to both the event and the brand.

For event planners, T-shirts are almost a must-have at conventions and other similar events.


Though flyers are still a bit outdated, they will give attendees basic info about the event and the company (or companies) sponsoring the event.

If you are looking for a more modern approach, instead of using posters you can place LCD monitors on the walls of the venue and play videos related to your client’s business on them.

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How to Deal With the 4 Most Common Wedding Planning Issues

June 17, 2016
common wedding planning mistakes

Most couples dream about the ideal wedding day where everything goes smooth and there are no problems to ruin this important day. In reality, things are different and only if you plan your wedding carefully you can truly enjoy this day and forget about stress.

Wedding planning is a complex task that requires high levels of concentration and team work. Since wedding planning is not something new, we can analyze the common wedding planning issues that many couples have in order to avoid their mistakes and have a terrific wedding.

The following is a list of 4 most common wedding planning issues and advice about how to deal with each of them.

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