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Congratulations! You’re Engaged! Now What?

March 31, 2016
What to do after getting engaged

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, congrats! That’s not easy – but neither will the next few months.

You’ve got checklists, budgets soon to be in-laws, your own parents, your friends, that one person who didn’t get an invite, and so many other things to worry about. So what do you do now that you’ve just gotten engaged?

Step 1: Celebrate and Enjoy Yourself!

Before you get ahead of yourself and dive into the more stressful stages of planning your wedding, take a day to let the engagement soak in. Get some engagement photos if that’s your thing, head on a staycation or a mini vacation, or do whatever else you like doing with your new fiance. You should also take some time to daydream about the big day!

Step 2: Call Everyone.

Don’t change your Facebook relationship status, don’t post pictures of the ring on Instagram, and don’t make a tweet about it. At least not until you’ve called all of your friends and family. Something as big as an engagement deserves a phone call and many friends and relatives may feel left out if you don’t give them a call.

Step 3: Start Saving for the Big Day

Weddings are expensive. Affordable weddings are possible, but your first budget will almost always be wrong. If you begin saving early, you can help offset the cost of the wedding and avoid having any sort of budgeting problems.

Step 4: Look into Premarital Counselling

My wife and I did this and we highly recommend it. Most churches offer premarital counselling for free and the transition into married life will be much smoother. You’ll get the chance to talk about subjects that you may not have considered and you’ll set a foundation for a lasting marriage.

Step 5: Start Looking at the Most Important Details

The guest list. The Venue. The Date. All of these things should be on your mind and you should look into them now. Getting the big wedding details out of the way first will help you avoid a lot of stress closer to the wedding date.


A few other things to consider:

  • Consider hiring a wedding planner to help during the entire wedding planning process.
  • Look into using a venue search tool to search hundreds of wedding venues quickly for your dream venue.
  • If you know someone who just got engaged, share this post with them!
Wedding Themes and Colors

Wedding Colors by Month

March 30, 2016
wedding colors by month

Choosing your wedding colors can be simple, but all to often it takes many hours on Pinterest, a couple of arguments with your mom (or step-mom), and way too many differing opinions from your friends and family.

To help you get it just right, we’ve created a guide which features great color schemes for every month of the year. This doesn’t mean that you have to base your wedding colors on your month, (Many wedding color combinations look great year round!) but it’s great for brainstorming wedding color ideas.

If you’re looking for great wedding color combinations for January, June, October or any month in between, read on!

Wedding Colors by Month:

January Wedding Colors

January wedding colors are perfect for any winter wedding. Here are some amazing wedding color schemes:

  • Powder Blue / Grayed Jade / Ivory
  • Royal Blue / Light Steel Blue / White
  • Burly Wood / Silver / Ivory

Check out these other great January wedding color ideas!

February Wedding Colors

February wedding colors mix some of the color and pop of a spring wedding with the increasingly popular pastel winter colors. Here are three great wedding color combinations for the month of February:

  • Peach / Apricot / Gold
  • Emerald Green / Gray / Snow White
  • Navy / Silver / White

Check out these other great February wedding color ideas!

March Wedding Colors

Spring hasn’t fully sprung, but these March wedding colors are sure to make you think it has!

  • Kelly Green / Peach / Cream White
  • Peony / Buttercup / Celery
  • Yellow / Silver / White

Check out these other great March wedding color ideas!

April Wedding Colors

These jaw dropping wedding colors are unique and unexpected – perfect for a springtime wedding!

  • Soft Lemon / Pistachio / Sky Blue
  • Watermelon / Pale Green / Sky Blue
  • Lavender / Peach / Pastel Orange

Check out these other great April wedding color ideas!

May Wedding Colors

May wedding colors may be some of the most vibrant colors on this whole list!

  • Cobalt Blue / Yellow / White
  • Light Pink / Silver Gray / Grass green
  • Orange / Green Yellow / Pink

Check out these other great May wedding color ideas!

June Wedding Colors

With summer comes bright, beautiful sets of wedding colors for you to choose from. Check out these June wedding colors:

  • Turquoise / Soft Yellow / Grass Green
  • Coral Pink / Navy / Gold
  • Coral / Pink / Natural Green

Check out these other great June wedding color ideas!

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Search through hundreds of wedding venues now!

July Wedding Colors

July wedding colors take all the color of a June wedding and turn it up a notch. Check out these creative wedding color combinations:

  • Papaya / Lawn Green / White
  • Dusk Gray / Royal Blue / Sunset Orange
  • Soft Yellow / Sunflower / Yellow Gold

Check out these other great July wedding color ideas!

August Wedding Colors

The last month of summer makes for a beautiful backdrop to any wedding. You’re just beginning to see the leaves turn, and that’s the inspiration for these amazing wedding colors:

  • Blue / Blood Orange / Yellow
  • Sage / Autumn Red / Sunset Orange
  • Purple / Pink / Sage

Check out these other great August wedding color ideas!

September Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors don’t need to be dull and muted because the leaves are falling! In fact, these September wedding color schemes are quite the opposite:

  • Mango / Peach / Green Mist
  • Teal / Burnt Orange / White
  • Lavender / Light Slate Gray / Lavender Pinocchio

Check out these other great September wedding color ideas!

October Wedding Colors

Rather than go with an overused set of Halloween inspired wedding colors, these October wedding colors take inspiration from all of the beutiful colors of fall and the fall harvest.

  • Dark Red / Black / White
  • Dark Orange / Peony Pink / Plum
  • Cranberry / Frost Blue / Tan

November Wedding Colors

November weddings fall under both a fall and a winter category, so these colors could really go either way!

  • Lilac / Champagne / Ivory
  • Pearl Pink / Pearl / Ivory
  • Deep Lilac / Silver Gray / White

December Wedding Colors

Wrapping up our wedding colors by month with the month of December, these wedding colors are surprisingly vibrant for a winter wedding!

  • Ice Blue / Navy / Silver
  • Navy / Celestial Blue / Light Slate Gray
  • Purple / Turquoise / White

What Venues Want to See in a Request for Proposal

March 25, 2016

If you’re an event planner, you’re probably sending out several Request for Proposals (RFPs) a day. You may be considering over 10 venues, but you could be forgetting to consider a relatively basic, and important detail: What the venue wants, no, needs in the RFP.

Honesty and an Open Relationship

If you really need to keep details about your event confidential: it’s okay, but many event planners will keep the details about their event a secret because they don’t trust the venue. They will do things like keeping the client name confidential, and keep details hidden so they remain in control. This is counter-productive and very frustrating for the venue!

Another thing event planners will do is hide or lie about the number of venues they are considering. This isn’t fair to the venues as it doesn’t let them know their chances of getting the business and whether they need to be negotiating a better rate with you!

Ultimately, venues should be looked at as a partner, not a vendor. It’s crucial that you keep that at the front of your mind when working with them.

Good Communication

Two main points here: Your expectations for the venue’s response times, and your own response times for communication. It’s all too common for event planners to send an RFP and need a response the next day. This just puts strain and stress on the venue. Remember they are your partner – you should look to build a long term relationship with a handful of venues.

Next, if you expect the venue to respond with urgency, you should respond with urgency as well! Don’t let a proposal sit in your inbox for 2 days before responding. Make it a good habit to at least respond to the email acknowledging that you’ve received it and are considering the proposal.

Realistic Pricing Expectations

Even I’ve contributed to this one…

Many articles on the web have commoditized venues, turning them into a necessary expense instead of a valuable asset and partnership. This has led to many people looking for discounts on everything. Heck, some of the best performing articles in the event industry are about saving money on the venue! If you’re constantly looking for discounts and lower prices, it will get annoying very fast.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a discount a the right time, but if you know your client doesn’t need the discount, why are you going to make the venue go out of their way to provide it?

Besides, if you follow the advice given and treat your venue as a valuable partner then you’ll end up with a preferred rate anyway!

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We’ve Updated Our Venue Search Tool!

March 23, 2016
Venue Search Tool

Finding a venue just got easier.

VenueCenter is constantly coming up with new ways to help you find a venue faster. Our latest round of improvements to our venue search tool include the ability to search by event type, the ability to choose the exact number of guests for your event and more. Check out the improvements below:

Search Venues by Event Type

find a venue online

The first new feature we’ve released is an expanded list of event types to choose from when looking for a venue. These event types include:

  • Adult Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby Showers
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Banquets
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Book Releases
  • Bridal Showers
  • Children’s Birthday Parties
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Films
  • and More!

Select an Exact Number of Guests

Before, you were limited to broad capacity numbers when searching for guests. These categories had been:

  • 0-75 Guests
  • 76-150 Guests
  • 151-250 Guests
  • 251-400 Guests
  • and 401+ Guests

Now, we’ve made it more convenient by allowing you to choose the exact number of guest which will be attending your event.

Increased Number of Venues

We are constantly working on adding new venues to our database, this update comes with another increase in the total number of venues. We now have close to 2000 venues in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans.

Venue finder

Other Great Features

VenueCenter’s search tool also features the following advanced filters:

  • Space Type
  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Catering Options
  • Drink Options
  • Food Options
  • Parking Options

You can also search by venue type, location and venue name.

About VenueCenter

VenueCenter is an online matching service that connects consumers to exceptional venues in their area. Venues can create an account and be added to VenueCenter at any time. Registered users may login to search and review venue profiles that meet their event requirements and users also have access to pictures, contact information, reviews and recommendations all in one place! Search it. Price it. Book it. Get started today!


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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make on Social Media

March 21, 2016
Biggest Mistakes Event Planner Make on Social Media

With the explosion in the use of social media for events, there has been a steady increase of misinformation that has resulted in many event planners making mistakes and becoming disappointed after their first foray into social media.

The hardest thing about being successful on social media is that it only takes one mistake to ruin your chances of getting the desired reach, engagement and ROI from your efforts. Luckily for you, there are only a few mistakes that event planners make on social media!

Here are the 5 biggest reasons your social media efforts haven’t delivered the results you had hoped:

  1. Believing that you should be on social media because a competitor is.
  2. Not being aware of social media’s uses and benefits.
  3. Not being on the right social media platforms.
  4. You haven’t created a social media strategy.
  5. Analyzing past social media posts isn’t important enough to you.

These 5 mistakes may be the biggest ones, but there are still plenty of other mistakes and misconceptions that could be holding you back.

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes and Be Successful on Social Media

Advanced Guide to Social Media for EventsLike we mentioned earlier, just one of those 5 mistakes is enough to make all of your social media efforts unsuccessful, but don’t worry, we’ve collected advice, information and methods from social media marketing specialists. This information is just what you need to avoid making the biggest social media mistakes.

Read through our free eBook, “The Advanced Guide to Using Social Media For Events”, and you’ll be avoiding the most common mistakes and misconceptions while simultaneously becoming a master of social media in no time.