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18 Hidden Costs When Booking a Venue!

October 23, 2015

All venues have “hidden costs”. These costs aren’t so much hidden as they are forgotten or not thought of. Take a vineyard wedding venue for example, A beautiful wedding venue, but I’m sure you don’t want your guests having allergic reactions to any mosquito or bug bites! To prevent those nasty bugs you’re going to have to buy a lot of citronella candles, and I bet you never thought about that cost!

It doesn’t matter what type of wedding venue you choose, there is always going to be a list of associated costs, and many of them will catch you unaware and eat into your wedding budget. Read this guide on hidden wedding costs before you book your venue if you want to keep your wedding under budget.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor weddings provide a great romantic vibe, but they also come with a few extra costs that you need to be prepared for!

Additional Costs:

A Tent – Even if the wearther forcast is clear, you need to have a tent (or multiple tents) as a precaution. Also if your wedding is taking place at night, those tents will need addtional lighting too!

Permits – Getting married in a public place such as a beach or a park will require you to buy a permit from your local government. You may need to pay a location fee and even get wedding insurance. Tents sometimes require additional permits as well.

The Dance Floor – If you don’t want people’s heels breaking and getting stuck in the mud, you’ll need to rent a dancefloor. Dancefloors usually need additional, subflooring on grass – which means it will cost you even more.

A High-Powered Set of Speakers – Since it is much harder to hear at an outdoor event, you will need a larger set of speakers.

Destination Wedding Venues

Traveling to an exotic and fun destination wedding is, well, exotic and fun, but there are a few costs that everyone seems to forget about!

Additional Costs:

Planning trips – You need to make at least one visiting trip to your wedding location before the wedding. This of course means paying for travel, hotel and food expenses, and if you were only planning to take one trip you’ll find your destination wedding to be more than you budgeted for.

Transportation – If you are having decorations shipped to the location of your wedding you will need to pay the extra to get them there, you may even need to fly in your photographer, hairstylist and makeup artist!

Regional Marriage Requirements – Research and budget for your marriage requirements. Depending on the location, you will need to be in the country for a period of time before the wedding. In France for example, a couple needs to be in the country for 40 days before the wedding can take place!

Exchange Rates and Taxes – Brush up on these too as you can either save money or make every single expense pricier depending on your location!

The Second Reception – Not everyone will be able to go to your wedding, will you be planning a reception back at home for the family and friends that could attend? If so, you have to add that to the cost of your wedding!

Hotel Wedding Venues

We’ve said it over and over again on VenueCenter: hotels offer a tremendous level of convenience with their preset wedding packages, on staff wedding planners and plethora of amenities, but there are a few extra costs to consider!

Additional Costs:

Corkage Fee – Some hotels will charge an extra fee if you bring in outside alcohol. It’s something to keep in mind and to ask before making any final decisions.

External Vendors Fee – Just like the corkage fee, this fee isn’t added on at all hotels, but if your choosing to bring in cake, food and flowers from outsite vendors or vendors not on the list of preffered vendors you may have a fee applied.

Overtime – Overtime fees are applied at most every venue, and any venue which includes cleanup and garbage removal. If you run past your allotted time, expect to be charged by the hour and if you run past midnight expect to incur an additional fee.


Every venue has hidden costs, it’s not like they are trying to rip you off or are not fair, these prices are just things that many forget to think about. A good rule of thumb would be to keep a little bit of your budget saved for any costs which you may not have expected. An easy way to find, price, and book the perfect venue is to use VenueCenter. Find the perfect venue now whether your searching for wedding venues in Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio.