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How To Get The Perfect Crowd At Your Next Corporate Event

August 27, 2015

You can tell how successful an event is by the guests which attend. Whether you have thousands of attendees or just a handful of colleagues, having a targeted group of guests is key to hosting a productive event.

But how do you know who to invite and convince them to attend?

This quote from Dave Welty, from Maloney & Fox (a PR firm) should be made into your goal: “Look for influential consumers who are interested in what your brand is doing and what your brand is going to continue to do in the future.”

Getting the Perfect Crowd: The Venue

One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is selecting the right corporate event venue. This is probably the most important step in drawing in the perfect crowd. The reason it is so important is that depending on your event venue you will draw in a different crowd. This means if you choose something intimate and professional like a meeting space you will end up with a much different crowd than if you choose a venue for a corporate party.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right venue.

  • What are the transportation alternatives, if any?
  • How long does it take to travel to the event?
  • Will your targeted guests be able to get to the event in an easy and quick way?
  • How will your guests leave at the end of the night? (Everyone may not be willing to drive a far at the end of the night – which would cause guests to leave early)
  • How many guests can the venue accommodate? Will this be enough?
  • Will food or drinks be provided? If so, are they included in the price or do guests pay for themselves?

Getting the Perfect Crowd: Keeping Guests Connected and Interested

One of the toughest parts to hosting any successful event is the task of building lasting relationships. Even if you have the perfect venue and crowd you can miss out on a wealth of opportunity if you do not connect with your guests.

Even if guests say they want to connect you may have trouble actually getting them to act when you reach out to them after the event. Even though there is no secret formula for keeping your attendees interested and getting them to connect after the event you can do a few things to increase your chances:

  • Gather feedback on your event and use it to make changes and improvements to future events.
  • Connect your guests with each other during the event.
  • Create a social media pages for the event and be sure to create your own hashtag. This helps by building a community and getting people excited for future events. It may also be used to increase your attendance as people see the pictures on Instagram or have the page recommended to them on Facebook.

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