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10 Tips to Being a Good Wedding Guest

August 27, 2016

The bride and the groom, as well as their families, will spend a lot of time, effort and money into planning a wedding. Being invited as one of the guests should be treated as an honor and privilege. This only means that the couple considers you special and wants you to be a part of this very important occasion in their life.

It is only right to return this privilege by putting on your best behavior before and during the wedding. Check out our list of tips below that will surely make the bride and groom happy on their big day.

1. RSVP on time
Every penny spent for the wedding is hard earned money so be sure not to waste it. Never keep them guessing if you can make it to their wedding or not. Respond to the RSVP on time whether you can attend or if you want to decline the invitation.

2. Don’t bring a plus one
Needless to say it is only polite not to invite a guest when your invitation does not say you can do so. In that matter, you should not call up or insist on the couple if you can bring a plus one, it will only pressure them to say yes to you. The invite should be indicative enough.

3. Ask if it’s okay to bring kids
The main concern about kids is that they will add up to the headcount. This means they will have to be allotted a seat and food during the reception. Second, the couple might want to keep the event formal and solemn. They might want you to enjoy the party without the hassle of minding your kids.

4. Special diet must be announced in advance
Give the couple a heads up if you are following a strict diet for health or religion reasons. Inquire for the menu and see if there are any of the courses that you can eat. In case of allergies, better let them know in advance so they can make special arrangements for you with their caterer.

5. Come on time
Do not miss any of the happenings! If the invite says to come at 10AM, it is only respectful to arrive at least a few minutes before that.

6. Dress for the occasion
There’s no need telling that a wedding is almost always a formal event. So unless specified, keep your shirts and jeans away for a day and come to the wedding in your best attire.

7. Wait until the wedding is over before you leave
The couple prepared hard to make this wedding special. Show them proper respect by staying until the party is over before leaving.

8. Wait to be seated
The couple might have prepared a seating arrangement for the ceremony and the reception. If you really need to sit, approach any of the wedding coordinators to help you find your seat.

9. Avoid posting online
The couple might want to be the one to post their wedding photos first or at least wait for the official photos to be out. So unless the couple provided an official wedding hashtag, try to go offline and just enjoy being a spectator at the wedding.

10. Be game for anything
Some reception programs require guest participation. Don’t be a party pooper and gamely participate when asked.

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