The 10 Best Ideas to Announce Your Engagement

January 25, 2017

How you announce your engagement sets the precedent for your entire wedding. This announcement shows what kind of couple you are and is the perfect time to let your personalities shine!

1. Engagement Photo Shoot


It is classic and beautiful! You can pick whatever you want to wear and make your hair look exactly how you want. It is also great that you will have plenty of photos to remember this special occasion. Once you see the prints, you’ll be so excited to send them out and share the wonderful news.

2. Have Someone Capture the Moment


Going this route will let you reminisce about that day for years to come. Everyone will feel like they were there because your face was actually caught in that moment. This photo will be an important part of your relationship’s history and it will be so great to have as a keepsake.  

3. A Cute Hands Photo


This is another traditional and cute photo to send to announce your engagement. It shows off your beautiful ring  while showing the love between you two! You could opt for the photo to be in black and white to give it the classic look. However, having it in color is great and will help you remember what you both were wearing for the special photo.

4. A Play on Words


Using your engagement ring as the ‘O’ in a word like, “f’O’rever and always” or “l’O’ve” would be a cute way to show the new ring and bring out your personality! Scrabble pieces are great to do this with or you could get wooden chips and paint the letters you want on them. The great thing about this choice is that you can use whatever message you want. Maybe you have a favorite quote that would work or even an inside joke! Whatever the message you choose, it will be special to you.

5. Use Your Pets


Photo Credited to: JoPhoto

Your pets are adorable so why not use them to add some humor to the announcement? They are important parts of you and your spouse’s lives so show off your entire soon-to-be family. Adding a sign saying that “our humans are getting married” or “my mom and dad are getting married” will give the photo that extra cute factor.

6. Starbucks can Help You Out


Starbucks employees will write what you want on the cup so if you normally go for your morning coffee, take the photo op! Include the ring in the photo to show it off under “Mrs.” or “Future Mrs.” or even “Bride to be”.

7. Be Funny


Source: On

Need I say more? The picture itself is worth a thousand words! It is a funny and cute way to show off your new ring while you enjoy your cup of coffee.

8. The “I said yes!”


Source: Instagram

Again, the photo says it all! Use a washable marker to write “I said yes” on your hand or you could write it on a sign of your choice.

9. Your Ring and Soon-to-be Spouse


Source: Instagram

Announcing your engagement this way will show off your new ring as well as your soon-to-be spouse who chose it out! Show people how great they did with their face being a part of the special photo.

10. Use a Sign



Using a sign to announce your engagement will let your personality shine because you can have a sign say whatever you want! You can buy the sign already made or make your own sign with your own clever message!

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